Curious About Your Cat? Read These Tips!

TIP! Spay your cat as soon as she is old enough. While your cat may be an indoor one, there is always the possibility it can get out and you wind up with kittens one day.

Cats are amazing and you will love yours right away if you decide to adopt one. If you wish to own one, you need to learn more about the proper way to care for your beloved pet to make sure it has a long and healthy life. Read this article thoroughly to pick up some great cat owner.

TIP! Be cautious about using canine products on your feline friend. This can irritate your cat or cause an allergic reaction.

Check your shelter before you have plans to get a cat.Shelters have tons of great cats and adoption fees are usually very affordable. Adopting a pet shelter benefits the cat this way helps to save their life and cut down on unwanted animal births.

Wrap it tightly in a towel that’s old and place it under the cat sleeps on. Change every few hours if you need to.

TIP! Give your kitty lots of love. Cats need companionship as much as we do.

Deter cats from chewing on inappropriate things by using bitter apple. If they like to chew on cords, its best to cover them as best you can. You can do this by bundling them and tucking them in the rolls that are used for paper towels.

TIP! Your cat most likely spends quite a bit of time grooming. If the cats hair is too long, this is what causes hairballs.

Avoid bladder crystals in his system that will come out in his urine by feeding a high quality diet. Passing those crystals hurts and can cost you a ton in vet is expensive. Choose foods low in magnesium food. Be sure that you read the ingredient label.Fish products tend to be higher in magnesium when compared to poultry.

TIP! Do not attempt to teach your cat how to use the litter box. This is a natural instinct that cannot be taught.

Be sure you think about your cat’s preferences while traveling.Although you might enjoy jamming to your music, your cat would probably prefer softer sounds. To keep your cat calm and collected over the course of your trip, turn off the music or keep the volume low.

TIP! Reduce the chances of raising a finicky cat by feeding them several brands of food while they are young. If you feed your cat the same food all the time, your cat will likely be uninterested any any other brand or flavor.

Cats are generally great with kids, but smaller kids may be too rough with them. Make sure your children the proper way to handle a cat. Teach them about appropriate activities and how to gently touch it. Cats have more fragile bones than dogs so should be treated carefully.

TIP! You want your cat to be wearing a collar with ID tags on a full-time basis. Even if yours is an indoor cat, this is still an important safety measure.

Be cautious when leaving your cat with children. A child less than five should not be left alone with a pet. They don’t know what harm they can potentially do to kittens. When your children age, then you should decide whether or not they are mature enough to handle a kitten.

TIP! If your cat uses the bathroom more than normal, or if they suddenly stop using the litter box, think about taking them to the veterinarian. Cats often do such things when suffering from urinary tract infections or other sorts of health issues.

Brush your cat at regular basis.This keeps the cat’s natural oils in their fur well oiled and the skin healthy. It can also loosens hair loss. This helps keep those hairballs which can be harmful to a cat and build up in their stomachs.

TIP! If you have a pregnant cat ready to birth her babies, be sure she has enough space. Since there are so many kittens, the birthing process can take a few hours.

Pay attention if you cat won’t use the litter box. There are many health conditions that can cause your cat to suddenly stop using their box. A UTI or kidney infection may be the reason for this. Speak with a veterinarian if your pet stops using the litter box.

Litter Box

TIP! You should try keeping your cat inside or allowing it to go in the backyard. Indoor cats live longer and stay healthier.

Try moving your litter box if it’s refusing to use it. Cats know that during the elimination process they are left somewhat vulnerable, so make sure the litter box is in a secluded spot.

TIP! If you worry about the cat you have getting fleas, rabies, or any kind of fungus then the cat shouldn’t go outside. This is not saying indoor cats cannot be affected by some of the same things, but outdoor cats are more susceptible.

There are certain foods that you might eat that are not healthy for your cat. These include garlic, grapes, onions and tomatoes. Your cat can get sick from eating these foods. Milk also upset your cats’ stomach.

Chemicals that have phenol shouldn’t be anywhere near your cat. This chemical is often found in Lysol and Lysol.

Your cat should remain indoors and near the person who owns it.Indoor kitties typically live longer and have less illness and pests than outdoor variety.

TIP! Keep your cat protected from fleas and ticks. There are drops you use monthly that can be effective.

Don’t ever let your declawed cat that’s had its claws removed go outside. The cat won’t be able to fight back if other animals attack it and that could get hurt. Indoor cats are the only ones that should be considered for declawing. Even with that, you should only declaw the front claws. Don’t take the back claws because they won’t scratch up your furniture or floors.

TIP! If you adopt another pet, it may make your cat uneasy for a while. To avoid any pet drama, keep the new animal separated from your cat.

As you can now see, cats make outstanding pets. However, in order to enjoy your cat, you need to educate yourself on how to best care for it. Take advantage of all the suggestions this article provides. Your cat will be grateful!

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